Frankford Church

In 1897, residents of the quiet farming community of Frankford constructed a one-room church to hold worship services. Though Frankford Church was on the Methodist Circuit, clergymen from several Protestant denominations preached there as they passed through. Long after the town of Frankford became a memory, Frankford decendants still make an annual pilgrimage to this lovely little church to honor their ancestors. Today, looking out the windows of the church, one can see native grasses of this “Prairie in the City” that once drew pioneers to North Texas. There are other historic cemeteries, and a few Prairie Gothic churches left in North Texas, but few sites that contain both and can give a visitor a real sense of the natural beauty of this land that the Native Americans and pioneers experienced.


In 2010 the Frankford Cemetery Association completed a faithful restoration of the church. Citing the “elegance of its simplicity,” Preservation Dallas awarded Frankford Church its Preservation Achievement Award. Today, Frankford Preservation Foundation manages, preserve and protects Frankford Church, its native prairie remnant and Indian Springs.